Light at the end of the tunnel…..

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Everybody is talking about football today. We can’t hide the frustration of losing the match against Bahrain after comfortably leading 2-0 last night. To my surprise most of the comments are more on the way we played and very less blaming on the boys like we all used to do in the pass.

Never mind we are not going to the England Olympic. It has been ages that our team not playing with all their heart and these shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Give the boys more time and we will have a solid team in the near future.

Unlike our football, our politics are not! I am not convinced with the light at the end of the tunnel because the light that we see is the light of the oncoming train…so just doesn’t follow the light!



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“They that are discontented under monarchy, call it tyranny; and they that are displeased with aristocracy, call it oligarchy: so also, they which find themselves grieved under a democracy, call it anarchy, which signifies the want of government; and yet I think no man believes, that want of government, is any new kind of government.” Thomas Hobbes

on Chedet…Seksualiti Merdeka

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Salam Tun,

Kupasan Tun cantik sekali. But its nothing new actually. Seks terlampau ini sudah ujud dari zaman kaum Nabi Lut lagi. Ini semua orang tahu.

Apa yang terkini ialah sikap kurang ajar sesetengah pihak yang cuba mengambil kesempatan dalam pelbagai isu. Kebanyakkannya hanya untuk ‘test the market’. Mereka ini tergolong dari kaum bijak pandai yang diterajui oleh Dajal. Generasi Y konon, tetapi sebenarnya mereka hanya mengambil kesempatan atas sikap keterbukaan kerajaan sendiri.
Masa zaman Tun, golongan2 ini kurang berani. Tetapi kini, golongan ini tahu mereka semakin kuat kerana mereka tahu pemerintah hari ini cukup takut dengan mereka. Kerajaan hari ini beriya-iya hendak menjaga hati mereka2 ini dengan harapan mereka akan menyokong parti pemerintah. Tun tolonglah beritahu pemimpin-pemimpin kita hari ini bahawa hati golongan2 ini jahat dan jangan haraplah hati mereka akan puas walau apapun yang dihidangkan kepada mereka. Hendak menyokong? Maafla….
Oleh itu kerajaan hari ini sudah-sudahlah memberi muka sangat kepada kumpulan yang biadap ini. Ini tidak, jika orang kita tersilap sedikit, bukan main laju diambil tindakan. Tun tidak berasa hairan ke hari ini, pemimpin/polis kalau mengambil tindakan kepada bangsa kita bukan main samseng…tetapi kalau bangsa lain? Tengoklah Bersih 2.0, ada kita nampak bangsa lain dipukul dan dibelasah? Dan baru2 ini 13 orang dituduh JI…. dan banyak lagi contoh-contoh pemimpin ‘jaguh kampung’ kita hari ini apabila mengambil tindakan. Begitu juga parti-parti politik….UMNO paling suka berkonfrontasi dengan PAS, begitu juga sebaliknya? Berapa kerat sangatlah parti2 bangsa-bangsa lain berkelahi sesama sendiri. Entahlah Tun, semakin panjang saya menulis semakin teringat kata seorang rakan yang menepis kata-kata kesat seorang CEO dikedai kopi betapa buruknya bangsa kita dan ketidakadilan yang diberikan kepada bangsanya. Kata rakan tersebut…”Well, i’m not too good to debate further since i am not a politician, but i reckon the only way to settle all this rubbish is, this country should have another round of May 13th…!” and the CEO walk off without saying one single word.

on Aziz Bari being victims of ignorance…

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“There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion.”John Emerich

on Aziz Bari suspended….

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” First you destroy those who create values. Then you destroy those who know what the values are, and who also know that those destroyed before were in fact the creators of values. But real barbarism begins when no one can any longer judge or know that what he does is barbaric. ” Ryszard Kapuscinski


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Salam Tun,
If you were still at the helm of UMNO, you would simply ignore these so called backlashes regardless from your friends or foe. How much damage can it be if you were not guilty?

In this case, either you or the Mufti is a liar. Both of you are old where mathematically days are numbered. So be it….

Welcome to Kuantan anyway…..

Fear of poverty……..

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Abu Hazim az Zahid was asked, “What is your wealth?” he said, “Two kinds of wealth dispel all fear of poverty trust in Allah and not being attached to what people have.” He was asked, “Don’t you fear poverty?” He said, “How can I fear poverty when my lord owns all that is in the heavens and on the earth and all that is between them and all that is beneath the ground?”