The Best In The World…..

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Our very own Lee Chong Wei failed again to get the world title. Again the jinx is Lin Dan. Chong Wei got everything it takes to be the world champion but he just can’t pass over Lin Dan. Its not that Lin Dan is superior…no! no! no! Lin Dan has to agree with this. But this is life! If you think you’re the richest..there’s somebody else richer than you. If you think you’re nice…bet’cha loads of others are way too nice. Nevertheless, Lee Chong Wei is the best in the world fullstop!



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Nabi s.a.w bersabda:

“Sesungguhnya selepasku ini akan adanya para pemimpin yang melakukan kezaliman dan pembohongan. Sesiapa masuk kepada mereka lalu membenarkan pembohongan mereka dan menolong kezaliman mereka maka dia bukan dariku dan aku bukan darinya dan dia tidak akan mendatangi telaga (di syurga). Sesiapa yang tidak membenar pembohongan mereka dan tidak menolong kezaliman mereka, maka dia dari kalanganku dan aku dari kalangannya dan dia akan mendatangi telaga (di syurga)” (Riwayat Ahmad, al-Nasai dan al-Tirmii. Dinilai oleh al-Albani. (lihat: Ibn Abi ‘Asim, al-Sunnah, tahqiq: Al-Albani, hlm 337-339).


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One thing that I respect most of the politicians is they looks so natural when come to telling lies…..

wake up project….

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appearance and reality are always different from each other…….

it is normal….

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 it is normal  

it is normal, as a human being we’ve been derailed as long as we know that no matter how bad we’ve been slipped away from the right path…..we’ll come back! there’s no point on looking back,  its doesn’t help much actually.  Apparently we have to look forward, enjoy the view and enjoy the company….but remember you might been derailed again,  its ok! but just remember to come back. Ultimately,  we’re heading to the same destination…aren’t we?

the bigger agenda……

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“Their obsession is to transform the rest of the world into carboncopy of themselves….”

yet we’re now against each other…just for the sake of claiming the other party is wrong in order to proof we’re right!!  their job is not to take side and they careless who’s ruling…..every one of us is under their control!!! we’re just their puppet….they have bigger agenda for the whole world!!!


last card???

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so the Utusan is talking about the hidden hand now…..
it seems that this is the last card they’ve thrown…..
as usual its sound underestimating the people inteligence…
they simply don’t do their homework…don’t they?
note: Queen Elizabeth and the Pope are the elite of the illuminati